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  • Jenna Crouse '20
  • Bartend Ressang Elwoman
  • 2019
  • Etching
  • 17 x 13.6 inches
  • Windgate Museum of Art Collection

Jenna Crouse graduated from Hendrix College in 2020 with a B.A. in Studio Art. She worked closely with Professor Melissa Gill, taking a myriad of printmaking courses and working as an assistant in the Hendrix print shop. During her senior year, she traveled to New York City with Dr. Rod Miller and her fellow Studio Art majors to experience the city’s diverse art scene. Crouse also served as secretary of the Art Club and helped host pop-up student art shows.

Crouse created Bartend Ressang Elwoman as part of her Hendrix senior portfolio. This body of work documents transformative events in her life and explores the before and after of these moments. She examines the influence of time on her identity, aiming to capture particular points in her life within each print. Crouse describes creating this personal art as a form of therapy. As she creates and share her work, she begins to work through internal obstacles.

Crouse finds inspiration in the work of Francisco Goya and Käthe Kollwitz, particularly in their use of demonic imagery and chiaroscuro lighting. While Crouse creates collagraphs, monoprints, and lithographs, her work consists primarily of etchings. She has exhibited work in the Windgate Museum of Art and the Boswell Mourot Fine Arts Gallery.