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  • Carey Voss '02
  • Front Porch Drawing
  • 2019
  • Graphite on paper
  • 32.5 x 40 inches
  • Courtesy of the artist

Carey Voss grew up in Conway, Arkansas, so Hendrix College always felt like part of her community. When applying to colleges, Voss wanted to attend a school which would push her academically, while letting her stay close to home. Hendrix checked both boxes.

Voss knew she wanted to major in Art and began taking painting and drawing courses during her first semester at Hendrix. Professor Matthew Lopas joined the department during her sophomore year and became her primary mentor. He encouraged Voss to explore the conceptual side of art, teaching her that it can simultaneously be a creative and intellectual pursuit. He also encouraged Voss to lean into her tight, carefully-observed style of drawing and painting, rather than aiming to replicate the expressive, gestural work of her peers. This significantly impacted the development of her artistic style and continues to inform her work.

Besides working alongside Professor Lopas, Voss’s favorite Hendrix memories include cramming into Trieschmann’s small studio space with fellow Art majors and watching squirrels disrupt Dr. Rod Miller’s Art History lectures.

Voss graduated from Hendrix in 2002 with a Studio Art major and painting emphasis. She then completed American University’s MFA Painting program in 2005, before teaching Art courses at Arkansas Governor’s School, the University of Central Arkansas, and The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton. She now works as a Curator of Exhibits for the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas. This allows her to learn about Arkansas’s history and people, while also providing an opportunity to utilize her design, art history, research, and writing skills.

Despite this work, Voss considers herself an artist first and a curator second, and she continues to create art whenever she has the opportunity. Front Porch Drawing is a modified blind contour drawing of Voss’s front porch, done from observation. This technique, which Voss practiced at Hendrix, allows her to capture the beautiful nuances present in the objects before her. To create a line drawing like this one, Voss slows down and trusts that what she sees will transfer to the paper. If she looks down and sees that a line moved in the wrong direction, she will not erase it. Instead, she allows the different impressions to exist together, embracing imperfection and the act of interpretation. The multiple lines also imbue the drawing with a sense of vibrancy and vibration, mirroring the unruly and ever-changing quality of life itself.