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  • Mary Beth Breshears '14
  • Paper Crane
  • 2020
  • Cut paper and ink
  • 14 x 12 inches
  • Courtesy of the artist

Paper Crane presents the challenge of abandoning asymmetrical organic forms for harsh geometric ones, while still retaining an element of verisimilitude. Breshears renders these three-dimensional forms in two-dimensional space, yet preserves visual interest through bright colors and symmetrical patterns. These patterns consist of repeating triangles meant to echo architectural forms, ranging from classical pediments to the triangular trusses and supports common in everyday construction projects. Breshears drew particular inspiration from the idea that triangles are the strongest shape in architecture.

Mary Beth Breshears graduated in 2014 as a Studio Art major with a Ceramics emphasis. She credits former Professor Erik Maakestad with augmenting her love for three-dimensional art. And though she never actually took a Hendrix photography course, she fondly remembers learning from Professor Maxine Payne during Journeys and her Senior Critique.

After graduation, Breshears worked as an elementary school art teacher in Lincoln, Arkansas, teaching students that art extends beyond the walls of a classroom or studio. She currently teaches at Springdale High School in Northwest Arkansas and creates murals in the Springdale and Fayetteville areas. Breshears’s murals also appear in central Illinois, Puerto Rico, and Hot Springs, AR.