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  • Peter Loose
  • Some Pig
  • 1999
  • Oil on canvas with wood and peanut shells
  • 26 x 31 inches
  • Miah Frazer Michaelsen '83 & Jonathan Michaelsen Collection

Miah Frazer Michaelsen chose to attend Hendrix College because of its intimate, residential environment. Her father earned his undergraduate Theatre Arts degree at the college, and his love for the program further inspired her to enroll. Michaelsen herself graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts in 1983.

After leaving Hendrix, Michaelsen began working in arts administration. From 1997 to 2002, she served as Executive Director of the Kentuck Association, a campus of repurposed buildings in Northport, Alabama dedicated to the arts. The center includes artist studios, gallery and classroom space, the city’s permanent art collection, and a gallery shop.

Each year, Michaelsen ran the center’s annual outdoor arts fair, the Kentuck Festival. Peter Loose, a self-taught artist and self-described animal lover, was one of 300 artists to exhibit work in the 1999 show. The work references E.B. White’s young adult novel, Charlotte’s Web. The piece’s title, Some Pig, is the first message that Charlotte weaves in Wilbur’s pig pen during the book. Loose affixed peanut shells to the frame and painted over them in bright colors. The entire piece features this same vibrancy and playfulness, a hallmark of Loose’s artistic style.

Michaelsen, who has loved the story of Charlotte’s Web since childhood, was immediately drawn to the painting. For Michaelsen, the piece represents her love of literature and the power of words to alter a narrative. It also illustrates the transformative capabilities of love and friendship. The work proved a great addition to her personal art collection, a portion of which focuses on unique, whimsical art rather than on traditional or academic art.

Michaelsen currently lives in Bloomington, Indiana, where she continues to contribute to her artistic community. She serves as Deputy Director of the Indiana Arts Commission. In this position, she handles budgeting, grantmaking, and operations responsibilities.