Closed for Installation. 2023 Senior Art Exhibition opens April 14, 2023.

  • Andy Huss
  • The Rhombic Lord
  • 2020
  • Cast aluminum
  • 5.5 x 4 x 3.5 inches
  • Courtesy of the artist

Andy Huss earned his BFA in Sculpture in 1988 from Northern Michigan University. He then attended the University of Michigan, where he earned an MFA in Sculpture in 1991. After earning his master’s degree, Huss attended the University of Pennsylvania as a post-graduate student, where he spent a year studying under sculptor Robert Engman. He then worked as a full-time artist for around 30 years, taking jobs as a fabricator and model-maker.

In fall of 2019, Huss accepted his first teaching position, an adjunct professorship at Hendrix College. Huss continues to teach Sculpture courses at the college and enjoys introducing students to both the medium and its history.

Huss created The Rhombic Lord during one of these courses, while introducing a student to 3D printing software. He pulled a Buddha and a rhombic dodecahedron from online and stuck the pieces together. Though the work originated from a teaching moment, which Huss suggests was also a moment for goofing around, he ended up liking how the piece came together. He appreciates the object’s originality and hopes to show students that 3D art does not need to be grandiose or traditional to be worth creating.