Mystical to Mainstream

Mystical to Mainstream features 18 exquisite examples of Arkansas crystalline minerals mined in Garland, Lawrence, Montgomery and Pulaski County by James Zigras of Avant Mining in Jessieville, AR.

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James Hayes

Hayes heats the glass to 2,000 degrees as many times as needed to shape the object he desires. It is the immediacy of glassblowing that entices Hayes.

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Walker Evans American Photographs

Walker Evans American Photographs comes to us from The Museum of Modern Art in NYC and recreates the landmark 1938 exhibition that was the first time a single photographer was exhibited at MoMA. Considered the gold standard for everything else that followed in American photography, the work of Walker Evans remains as captivating and challenging as it was 83 years ago. Based on an exhibition originally organized by The Museum of Modern Art, New York and organized by Sarah Hermanson Meister, former Curator, with Tasha Lutek, Collection Specialist, Department of Photography, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Support provided by Art Bridges.

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Conjure—Delita Martin

Conjure—Delita Martin is a collection of spiritual portraits of Black women as Martin imagines their essences filtering in and out of the physical and spiritual realms.

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Migrantes is an exhibition dually created by photographer Adam Ferguson and the subjects in the images. Ferguson traveled to migrant camps along the Mexican border to photograph and interview migrants on their journey from their homeland to their aspirational destination.

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Southbound: Photographs of and about the New South

Southbound: Photographs of and about the New South comprises fifty-five photographers’ visions of the South over the first decades of the twenty-first century. Accordingly, the 220 photographs in the exhibition offer a composite image of the region. The photographs echo stories told about the South as a bastion of tradition, as a region remade through Americanization and globalization, and as a land full of surprising realities.

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